A Breath of Fresh Air

Waltham is a city with industry and enterprise in its DNA. From the historic Waltham Watch Company to today’s market innovators, this city has always attracted companies on the cutting edge. Today’s demand for diverse work environments in Waltham continues to grow and has spurred neighborhoods like CityPoint, a highly desirable mix of office and retail space.

Along CityPoint’s highest edge is the Fifth Avenue campus. Initially consisting of three well-appointed office buildings, the property now extends north to include three additional buildings, parking, and more access points to campus amenities. Linking to the commercially established Totten Pond Road, it is even easier to hop on and off the highway. With 252 acres of hiking and biking trails, this is where work meets play, innovation meets inspiration, and commerce meets collaboration.

Totten Pond Road at CityPoint is the new working landscape.

400 Totten Pond Road.